Your Security and Privacy with Bloodo: Keeping It Simple and Safe

Security Guarantees is part of Bloodo Terms and conditions – please read more at our Section 11 and 12. These sections take precedence over the Security Guarantees with respect to Consumers if the terms and conditions of the sections set more favourable terms and conditions for Consumers than the terms and conditions of this Security Guarantees.

Privacy, Plain and Simple:

  • Our Privacy Promise: We care about your personal data. Check out our Privacy Policy on our Website for all the nitty-gritty details.

Thinking of Leaving Us? Here’s What Happens:

  • Backing Up Your Data: Deciding to part ways? No problem. Let us know, and we’ll help export your data from our Website so you can keep it even after you say goodbye.
  • Deleting Your Info: Once you cancel your account, we’ll erase all your personal data, including test results, for good. We’re serious about protecting your privacy.
  • Can’t Get Data Back: Remember, once you’ve cancelled, there’s no going back – we can’t retrieve your data once it’s gone.
  • Service Ends with Account: When you close your account, our services to you end too.

Bloodo’s Warranty – What We Promise:

  • Our Service Guarantee: We’re committed to delivering services that:
    • Match our Website descriptions.
    • Suit the purposes we say they do.
    • Stick to legal standards.
    • Meet quality and quantity promises.

A Deal Between Us:

  • We’re All Legit Here: You and us – we both promise we’ve got the legal right to enter into this agreement.

Accessing Our Website:

  • Keeping It Running: We aim to keep our Website up and running 24/7, but hey, sometimes we need a break for maintenance or unexpected issues.

“As Is” Website Disclaimer:

  • What You See Is What You Get: We can’t promise more than what we’ve said. So, our Website is offered to you “as is” and “as available”, without any fancy warranties.

We hope this makes understanding your security and privacy with us a whole lot easier.

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